About Me

Anil S Royal
2 min readApr 30, 2021

Hello Reader!

Let me first thank you for stopping by, and giving me two minutes of your time. I know I can never give it back, despite my nickname.

My name is Anil S. Royal. I am an established author, mostly of the sci-fi nature, in a south Indian language called Telugu. (With over 80 million speakers, Telugu is the third widely spoken Indian language — after Hindi and Bengali). Almost every story I published so far has time playing a key role, earning me the nickname Time Travel Agent.

As a reader, I particularly crave for stories with surprise endings. So naturally, that’s the kind of stories I like to write. All of my short stories end with a twist. It is my strength, as well as my weakness.

The problem with such endings is, once you’ve branded yourself as an author of twist-ending tales, there’s the danger of your readers figuring out your modus operandi and guessing the climax. Coming up with a fresh twist for every new story, and fooling the readers every time is hard — but not impossible. I like that challenge.

I also make short films, based on my own stories. Here is my latest short, called ‘The Boogeyman’:


Recently, I decided to start writing fiction in English. I’m not a native English speaker, so my prose isn’t great. My grammer may be off too. But I am confidant that I can overcome these deficiencies with impressive plots and a simple narrative style.