These lock downs are meant to slow down the spread, so health care systems don’t get overwhelmed. They are meant to buy some time; not to erase the virus from the face of the earth. I think you missed that point. That’s an important point, as it puts your article in an entirely different perspective.

Countries are trying to find a balance between containing the spread vs confining everybody to home. That can’t last forever, because at some point, people will start starving and no virus could stop a starving nation from revolting against government orders. The math is easy, but the solution is not. You should’ve proposed a solution as well, instead of writing elaborately what everybody already knows — which doesn’t even need math; it just needs common sense. I don’t think anybody with an iota of that substance believes that the world will go back to how it was, after lockdowns are lifted. At least until herd immunity is acquired (by means of a vaccine or otherwise) — which is likely to be end of 2021, best case — social distancing will continue; people may need to wear face coverings; businesses will have to cut capacity, and adopt to new health regulations; a lot of schools may shift to online classes.

Having said all that, I am against lifting lockdown orders too soon. But we need to understand that there’s another side to the coin too. Lock downs have to be lifted at the right time, but figuring out that right time is the hard part.

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