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Short story writer and film maker.

A short story

(Image by Marco Biondi @ Unsplash)

The little girl was playing in the backyard.

“Look, what I made for you,” she opened her palm and showed a small finger puppet. It was a white cow with black spots, made of felt cloth.

“I named him Mr. Moo. Do you like him?”

She waited a quick moment. Then her face lit up.

“Thank you! That’s so nice of you. Here, take him,” she outstretched her arm and offered Mr. Moo.

Only, there was no one to accept her offer. Facing her was a vacant wooden bench.

Suddenly, she had second thoughts. She felt unsure that giving Mr…

why and how did I become a short story writer

(Image by Rain Bennett @ Unsplash)

Is creative writing an art, a craft, or both?

For a long time, I thought it is entirely an art form. I believed that story writers are born with that ability. I scoffed at anyone who said they’re taking classes on creative writing. How can anybody learn to create fiction, unless they already have it in them — I wondered! And, if they already have it, what is there to learn? I didn’t know what that it was, but that’s what I believed.

So, for a long time, I thought creative writing is a natural talent. I admired story writers…

Hello Reader!

Let me first thank you for stopping by, and giving me two minutes of your time. I know I can never give it back, despite my nickname.

My name is Anil S. Royal. I am an established author, mostly of the sci-fi nature, in a south Indian language called Telugu. (With over 80 million speakers, Telugu is the third widely spoken Indian language — after Hindi and Bengali). Almost every story I published so far has time playing a key role, earning me the nickname Time Travel Agent.

As a reader, I particularly crave for stories with surprise…

It is almost always the case that our personal character traits influence how we do things in our profession. For instance, I am obsessed with simplicity, elegance and perfection. Naturally, it shows in how I think as a database architect, and how I design and manage database systems, at work.

But what about the opposite? Can the habits learned through work shape us? I think, Yes. I spent decades at work, looking for things that could break, and figuring out how to avoid them. …

Anil S Royal

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